Book of Yoyo Terminology

I am currently working on a book with all the yoyo terminology that I know of.

To help me out, I would like you all to help me with some things.

I need:
1. A dictionary (I know there is one on here somewhere but I don’t know where)
2. A list of bearings (least-advanced to advanced)
3. A yoyo diagram
4. I would also like a picture and description for all the shapes of string trick yoyos (H-Shape, V-Shape, Organic, etc.)
5. List of all the styles of play
6. Anything else you find important. Other than that, I think I have it covered.

After I finish it, I will post it here on the forums for everybody to see.

I started something similar.

Here’s my thread:,69116.0.html

This will work for definitions. Anything else?

I felt it was very incomplete, perhaps you could add some?

I will make a very large post of my complete book when I finish it on the forums.


You aren’t supposed to bump a thread on the same day you made it.

Aye, just bump it from the second page when and if it gets there :slight_smile:

Really? That’s news to me. I just thought you couldn’t bump it twice in a day. And even that was only the BST.

It was actually more than 2/3 down the page and once it’s there, nobody reads it.

Where a post is on the page doesn’t mean anything with regards to bumps. The rule is no bumping a thread on the same day as any post in that thread.

Sorry, had no idea about that.

I was on yoyo wiki all morning researching. Learned lots of stuff.

Oh, wow, I didn’t know the rule went that far, LOL. I might have done that a few times before…sorry! I’ll be a good forum member and try to remember that, LOL.

I didnt know that either anyways lets try to get back on topic

Op, the title is spelled incorrectly.

All around nice guy,

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Good catch, thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:,58013.0.html,63459.0.html

Not exactly why I was looking for for the diagram. I meant a profile picture with lines stating where this and that is. I guess I could just try to make one myself.

And, I have already found the yoyowiki page (hence the strikethrough on that one) but thanks anyway.