Body Tricks and Ones Where You Rotate/Turn Your Body?

I’ve looked around and the only one I’ve found is Headlock. So, do you guys know any body tricks or ones where you turn around?

Here are some cool ones that I know of:


Gladiator, basically another green triangle around your neck.


Ear of Malchus

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  1. Throw a breakaway around your neck like the beginning of guillotine, but don’t turn around. Make it go under your throw hand arm and land it on a trapeze. Make sure you have your throwhand raised so that your arm bends at a 90 degree angle.
  2. Take it off of your neck, leaving you in a trapeze that goes under your throwhand arm.
  3. Suicide into a normal trapeze.

This trick is pretty easy, and takes about 2 seconds to do if you get it smooth enough. It looks impressive also. Hope this helps!

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