Blue Bumble Bee yo-yo?

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this yo-yo. I’ve never seen another one like it. I thought someone might have painted it blue before I got it. I used to work a yo-yo stand back in the late 90’s and received it as a gift from the owner.

Another pic

There was a red one that was given to contest winners, maybe this was something similar?

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I think that was from a run of Pro Yos gone wrong. Basically, each Pro Yo was given break pad response systems, spacers, and a bearing by accident, and they were sold for $2.

That doesn’t make sense, if they were molded for proyos they would have the bigger recess for the wooden axle, it’s not like you could remold/machine that area to take brake pads.

Knowing Playmaxx they were a custom run, the blue looks familiar…

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The wrong mold was used.  What was meant to be the Pro Yo mold turned out to be the Bumble Bee mold, but the factory didn’t know and just put them together like Bumble Bees.  I’ll try to find the link to the story.

Found the story. Turns out they were all pink Pro Yos however, so still have no clue what this one is.

Thinking more about this, it’s probably a Vid-E-Yo without the pogs :