I’ve always been kind of against the whole blogging fad. When I’m in class and we are doing “student-driven education”, there’s always someone not paying attention, because they are reading a blog about make-up and unimportant stuff.

Some people wanted me to start a blog, but I’ve never really liked the thought of sharing everything with everyone. This was until I stumbled upon a subject I could blog about. On about the 20th of August 09, I moved out from my parents (turned 16 on the 10th of September 09). I started spending a lot more time on buses and trains. It is from my time on public transportation that I came up with the idea to blog about public curiosity (or in a non-URL-friendly way; me being overly curious while sitting on public transportation).

Head on to if you for some reason would like to read about this.

Would like to see if anyone else here is blogging. I am also in need of great advice on this, because I’m relatively fresh to the whole deal of blogging.

Throw some ads on there and bring in some cash ;).

Ehh. I have this theory that ads won’t help much if I don’t have that many readers. Besides I don’t feel thata a page full of ads is very inviting.

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Planning to update it soon.

I wouldn’t make much of a blogger myself, but you seem to be doing good. I was genuinely interested in the blog entry. :slight_smile: