Blinged Rims DV888 for Trade or Sale.


Ok so I want either 50 bucks or I am looking for a Big Brother yo or mabey another yoyofactory but feel free to put in offers.

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Wow that looks cool! Like a DV8… Free bumb for a cool yoyo!


Hehe thanks


a mint dingo with a cw and silicone pads??


Whats the CW mean my bad haha. I am really interested I have been looking for a Dingo for quite awhile. What color?


a cw is a counter weight

i recently put new pads on it so it only has t extra pads


Oh ok right. Yah I would be really interested how would you like to do the trade?


i would like to preform a trade trade…  lol pmed


Ok people the first trade didnt go through so its still up for offer!!


traded it for a dingo to me!!


Yah I did I am locking the post now so no worries lol.

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