dingo for sale or trade

Hey guys i’m selling a almost mint dingo that comes with the box it has only 3 tiny dings that dont go through the ano and has no vibe.I’m selling it for 45 shipped. I will also trade so offer im looking for a pair of loopers plus something but offer up anything.Also you have to send out your part first sorry its my parents rule.

http://yoyoexpert.com/Users/lillycollazo/Pictures/Photo Booth/Photo 2.jpg

http://yoyoexpert.com/Users/lillycollazo/Pictures/Photo Booth/Photo 3.jpg

http://yoyoexpert.com/Users/lillycollazo/Pictures/Photo Booth/Photo 4.jpg

make some offers

My dingo hit me.
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Might wanna lower price. It isn’t that much cheaper than new, so why not just get a new one?

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I agree, I see yoyos with dings usually go for a lot less than retail, even mint yoyos will go for $20-$40 less than retail, Granted they’re $120 retail usually. But a somewhat dinged dingo would probably be $35-$40 IMO, Others might say it’s cheaper. Generally people seem to be rather stingy about dings even if they don’t do anything to the play. I don’t know how much you’d expect that SB Hectic I offered to cost, but one person offered me $20 for it even though it still plays well and retail is $70, not saying that matters,
Just saying the buyer is the one who determines the price they’ll pay for it. If it’s too much they’ll just ignore it.

i am selling it for 40 but its 5 dollars for shipping and as for the trade i just dont like small bearing yoyos.

Yeah, that’s reasonable to include shipping, I always don’t notice things like that right away.
Also I don’t mind the trade not happening, most people absolutely hate the shape.

But anyway… Back on topic:
To anyone who is reading this topic, Dingos are great pocket yoyos, and for the price they’re extremely smooth. Not always the most stable compared to 43 mm wide yoyos, but they play well enough to do anything I want to do. Also I believe Green was one of the first colours to sell out.

That’s why I was interested in the first place., I wanted Purple and green originally, but had to get purple and black.

not gonna lie. i want it, but i dont have any money at the moment, and i dont have any loopers other than a duncan limelight.
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