Blame Terraria! Oh my Moon Lord....

So, did anyone else find their way to yo-yos or back to yo-yos because of the game, Terraria?

I’ve been collecting random things (books, buttons, hands, sea shells, etc) all my life but I am new to collecting yo-yos. I found a new love for yo-yos after my teenage son convinced me to play the game Terraria on my computer.

In Terraria (if you’ve been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard yet), there are digital yo-yos that can be used as weapons (!!!) to fight the bad guys. It turns out that Redigit, the lead developer for Terraria, is a yoyo enthusiast and fan of One Drop Yo-Yos. So…several of the yo-yos in the game have real world counterparts produced by One Drop. The Rally, Code 1, Valor, Cascade, Format C, Chik, Code 2, Gradient, and Yelets are all part of the game. The end game weapon after fighting the biggest boss (aka the Moon Lord) is the Terrarian.

Late last year, One Drop released a real world version of the Terrarian (in case you missed it). My son and I tried to buy one but the Terrarians sold out worldwide within a few hours. My yo-yo craze started right there.

Instead of a Terrarian, my son gave me a lovely little black YF DV888 for Christmas. He promptly ordered his own DV888 and we spent Christmas break learning yo-yo tricks. As a 46 year old attorney and rather uncoordinated mother of two teens, it took me a really really long time to learn to bind. (The moral - keep trying even if your children are laughing at you… Laugh with them!)

At some point during the break, I accidentally searched vintage yo-yos on eBay and fell down the rabbit hole of yo-yo collecting. Eventually, I was even able to find a Terrarian in the Moon Lord colorway. My collection is small, eclectic and mostly geared toward making me smile. I am as happy with a new yo-yo as with a vintage one….and I’m happy to be a part of this group.

So, if you are here because of Terraria, please post. I’d love to know that I’m not the only one. Or, you can just post pretty pictures of your Terrarians or any of the other One Drop yo-yos that appear in Terraria…

{Terrarian in the Moon Lord colorway}

My journey went the other way. I discovered the game Terraria through yoyoing.

I received a DV888 for Christmas as well. Gave it to my nine-year-old son when I got my Replay
Pro. Then my six-year-old wanted a yoyo, so he got a Butterfly XT. Then my wife wanted one, so she got a Revolution. Now I’m picking up a Terrarian for myself and probably a few other One Drops; all within 8-weeks of getting the DV888.

It is an irresistible impulse. I may need all the yo-yos that made cameo appearances in Terraria.

Joining the madness all the way from Japan is a One Drop Gradient in the Broken Heart colorway. She plays so so smooth. An absolute heartbreaker…

I so wanted to pick up a Gradient when I was at the shop, but they were out. Hate to pay full retail, but may have to. For now I’m lovin’ on the MarkMont Classic.

Same here

I might just have to check out the game now!

I think I remember when that game was announced or something. Seems pretty cool

Same as yoyobro. I resumed through Kirby though.

I am here to resurrect this thread… for the duration of this post.

I have been a Terraria player for a long time. I like to re-play the whole thing every time there’s a bunch of new content. One day, I found myself looking up the Terrarian for the sake of checking it’s stats. Somehow I made my way over to the image tab, and I saw a picture of the green Terrarian colourway.
Later on, I looked it up on the Terraria wikipedia and discovered that OneDrop was an actual yoyo manufacturer. I had always mistaken their logo in-game for some kind of indicator to do with the yoyo having special abilities.
One day yoyoing popped into my head, and to cut to the chase: I decided to get a yoyo. I went home, found a retailer in Australia (for the sake of shipping costs & taxes), and I bought my first yoyo. It was a Yomega Alpha Wing. From this you can also probably tell that I was completely clueless at the time and hadn’t really done enough research.
From there I learned to Gravity Pull, Forward Pass, Walk the Dog (sort of), Jamaican Flag, Eiffel Tower, and I casually browsed OneDrop’s website and looked all the yoyo pages. And a little while later I stopped. I kind-of just put down yoyoing for no reason. Maybe I got sick of my yoyo’s terrible spin time? Who knows!


Whilst planning a trip to California for a convention in September, I realised that Oregon was only one state over… so I decided I’d go visit the OneDrop store like I had wanted to since I started yoyoing. I figured that it’d also be the best time to get a Terrarian, because I wouldn’t have to deal with shipping costs… and waiting.

So I went to the store, and I had the best time ever. I expected to leave with 2 yoyos at the most, and then I left with 6. I yoyoed quite a lot whilst I was in the area, and once I got home I started yoyoing on-and-off again. And so that takes us up to now…

And that’s the story of how I started yoyoing because of Terraria.
(But actually I had a yoyo from a long time ago that I found just last month. It has no brand on it, just a green alligator/crocodile. It’s absolutely useless, so I can’t imagine I was yoyoing very long using it.)

I don’t have a story to add, and have never played Terraria or played with a Terraria, but I enjoyed the stories!

I just went and bought terraria and love it so far. Great game to wind down with at night/when the girlfriend wants to watch something Im not super interested in (got the ios version)

I also picked up the yoyo… hehe.