Bimetal Rim Weight Should Be Included In Specs

There’s one thing about bimetal yoyos that I don’t like: buying them. With most bimetal yoyos, the rims are what gives the yoyo its defining characteristics and play style, making them the most important part of the yoyo in my eyes. Bimetal rims affect stability, speed, floatiness, etc. However, it’s almost impossible to tell just from pictures how much weight comes from the rims, which, as I stated above, is one of the most important features to know for a bimetal. I wish manufacturers included the weight of the rims in the specifications; not only would it not be difficult to implement, but it would also give consumers a much better picture of the yoyo and how it plays.

tl;dr: Manufacturers should include rim weight specifications to help consumers better imagine the feel of a yoyo


Tres Osos I think that putting the Yoyo’s MOI in the Specs would be cool :blush: