BillyBobs Civility: A High Speed YoYo Review

The Moderators change this particular stores name to Billybobs
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So yes, it’s the same website

For the vibe on the Civility, I bet it can be tuned the same way FHZs are tuned. Any yoyo with this axle set up will have vibe unless tuned. I’ve had Projects that have needed to be tuned, the reason they were smooth out of the box is because One Drop most likely tuned them before shipping them out.

The forum software actually automatically changes the names of outside vendors. If the mods see that one has squeaked through by “munging” the URL, that’s when they’ll step in; otherwise, automation for the win!

so whenever people would mention BillyBobs bait and tackle as a yoyostore…its not a real yoyo store but the mods covering up the real name?

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Mods are pure sweetness and fart rainbows… we love you guys. 8)

Yeah, I have owned my fair share of Projects and Project 2s. I could not get it to smooth out even doing the quarter turn of the nut trick. This one just has a little vibe, it happens and does not bother me personally. As I said in the review, the only reason I brought it up is because this is a yoyo designed to be THE yoyo you learn on. If that is the case, marketing rhetoric or not, it needs to be dead smooth so that the students new to the sport don’t think the vibe is due to something they are doing wrong. Unless they are actually doing something wrong. It is kind of like if I taught my students how to measure using a ruler and then give them a defective ruler that counts centimeters as 1, 2, 3, 5.

I disagree. New yoyoers probably won’t even notice the vibe unless they, in fact, throw a vibey throw.
I used to think my Metal Zero was smooth(when I was first starting). Also, I don’t think beginners should be pampered with extremely smooth yoyos that aren’t necessary to start yoyoing. Give a new yoyoer an vibey throw, and when he learns tricks on it, he won’t ever need a smooth yoyo. Obviously terrible vibe is bad, but when you are first starting, it doesn’t really matter that much.

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Normally I would agree with you, I started learning 1A on a YYF Velocity and a YYJ Lyn Fury. Neither of those are known to be dead smooth. My problem is that the Civility is marketing stated this:

If they are going to say things like:

“wondering if your yo-yo is good enough”
“we know the Civility will give any player the tools they need for success”
“anyone who purchases this yoyo will know for certain that their yoyo is capable of doing the tricks they wish to learn”

Then the yo-yo needs to be pretty darn perfect. I am not saying all yo-yos need to be vibe free… but this one was marketed with extreme rhetoric and in my opinion oversold the capabilities of an otherwise middle of the road yo-yo. While some will say they had to exaggerate in order to meet their goal, I disagree. You can sell your product while still being honest and not overselling the capabilities. They came off sounding like the equivalent of yo-yo used car salesmen.

Thank you for your review. This is one of the yoyos I’m looking at for my next purchase. I appreciate the input.