Bike Lube?

Hey, everyone, this is Keb again.

I was wandering if bike lube would help lubricate a Fast 201 yo-yo, but if it would mess up the bearing or anything else then please give me a suggestion on what I could use that won’t mess the yo-yo up, and you have used on your own yo-yo. (Turns out I cannot order anything on the internet.) Thanks in advance.

What brand is it?

If it contains water in it, no.

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it would be better to go to a local music shop and buy some valve oil

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I don’t know if the bike lube contains water or not but if it doesn’t then it won’t mess the yo-yo up by the way I believe it maybe said it does not contain oil, or would the valve oil mess the yo-yo up, I forgot to say its response is starburst, I believe, and when I unscrew the to halves it has little rubber o-rings that go inside the halves and it looks like they touch the bearing.(I also can’t find any yo-yo stores in my state so I can’t replace the bearing)