BigYoyoString Presents: The Vitality! Feat. Wilson Ni

Hey Hey!
I got my hands on a Vitality, and I gotta say.
Josh, you are a true genius. This yoyo is absolutely fantastic.

I hope Y’all enjoy, ya hear?


your hair doe…

Only criticisms: If you could edit you clicking off/on the camera and also take the sound off when doing so. That little clicking bothered me. Also a bit too much lighting cause a twilight effect haha. Good tricks though :slight_smile:

I’m sorry.

And Owen, Thankyou xD

Dude seriously i could see you like winning nats your awesome! , we still need to figure out a way we can meet up and throw

Um. I’d never be able to LOL
Thanks though!
And we totally do xD

i think you have the skill to be honestly and yea hopefully soon before the late winter sets in

Love the tricks and the hair xD Keep up that great throwin’ sir.

WILSON! That was awesome! I really like how your style looks at that slower pace :slight_smile:

Thanks You guys!
I feel really good about myself now :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: you know I’m just kidding <3

Your yoyoing is as awesome as your hair. Your hair is freakin amazing. Lol I have to try Fat Chicks and the Vitality.


Hehe. Vitality of fat chicks xD