BIG SALE-price drops-updates

All prices are OBO and shipped within the United States. I am open to some trades which I will list at the bottom of this post.

Feel free to make offers.

Most are in good condition unless otherwise stated. I will provide more detailed photos upon request.

PayPal f&f is preferred. If you want to go g&s, please cover the fees.

Row 1:
-MK1xSpinWorthy Harbinger MIB - $old
-Toybania Thing v2 - TRADED
-RCS x Doc Pop Pop Art w/ pouch - $old
-Thesis Invictus w/ pouch - $30
-Duncan x NFT Butterfly XT w/ container and scented string - $25

Row 2:
-YYF Flame - $35 some rim scratches
-YYF Czech Point Pivot - $30
-YYF Hubstacked Confusion - $30
-Duncan Orbital GTX - $35 some vibe
-Duncan Tourney - $old
-C3 Krown - $30
-RCS Metalhead - $35
-RCS Author Sorry Grade - $25
-RCS DTYY Gemini Edition - $old
-Knot Creators West Coast - $30 some marks on raw finish
-Knot Creators Senpai - $30 some light scuffs
-UNPRLD Reduction - $30 some light scuffs

Row 3:
-Throwing Sideways PwrHouse - $35
-Throwing Sideways Beanie - $30
-Throwing Sideways Sistine - $30 first run b grade
-SF BD Unknown Edition - $old
-Jake Bullock OG Dunk - $old
-MYY Hotdiggity Moonrock - $35
-Doc Pop Bolt XP - SOLD
-Luftverk Plastic 000 - $20 one light mark on rim
-Luftverk Plastic Fulvia - $20
-CLYWxLuftverk Plastic Peak - $30
-Recess First Base Dino Egg - SOLD

Row 4:
-Sochi Loop Spinners First Run - $old
-Blitz Balls - $old

Row 5 add ons:
(All of these are $10 with another purchase)
-MYY D3 Dawn pair SOLD
-Loop Infinity pair SOLD
-Oracle pair SOLD
-Duncan FHZ SOLD
-YoyoPalace (Sense) Code unknown edition. I can’t take this one apart but it plays very well

Trade wants:
(I am open to offers)
-Fist Salud 720s, preferably in green or black
-720s in black, rayon vert, teal, red w/ black cap, any other interesting colors
-LoopUps (adjustable or metal spacers)
-White Duncan Hornets
-Modded Raiders or Fireballs
-Other interesting loopers
-YYF Genpop in clear with black engravings
-OD Rebirth or Reboot in clear
-Anima, preferably raw or clear but I’m not picky

-Layer Infinity Kasm w/ pouch, spares, accessories, and matching cw - $40


Take all 3 of the Luftverk plastics for $50

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I made several price drops. Feel free to make offers I want these throws gone and out of my house by Friday!

Bump make an offer (USA only)

Another bump

Message sent

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All orders so far are packed up and ready to ship. I’m gonna be heading to the post office in a little while so if you want anything, reach out now so I can get it out.



PM sent



Will trade for blue 720 spacers