[Big Pics] General-Yo KLR, the "Crucifier", and bunch of comparison shots

Full Gallery: http://imgur.com/a/pfGo8#3

Hello. I recently had the privilege to buy a raw early version of General-Yo’s next design - the KLR (“Kaiser Lee Reed” - designed by Ernie and two of his players). It’s really comfortable, and it’s going to appeal to Chief / Avalanche fans more than past General-Yos. I spoke with him for a while, and he’s got some really exciting things coming up, so make sure to check his website.

I also had the privilege (thanks OldEdges!) to play with “Crucifier.” I don’t know who makes it, but they know what they’re doing.

I’ve also included some comparison shots,

and shots of some… less modern designs.

Did they ever find the KLR prototype at ccal states?

Actually, I was standing w/ Ernie when one of his players approached. Ernie said, “Here’s your yo-yo,” and the kid said, “Oh, I reported that as lost!” So I think the player (Reed?) was mistaken about misplacing the yo-yo.

that looks like it will be an amazing player, any word on when they are going to be released?

Ernie wants to wait until the best machine is available, and he’s also exploring some cool new finish options. But he also said he’s going to put more time into yo-yo making. He is supposed to get one of the new finish samples (this will be a first on any yo-yo) back today, I think (and see if it produces a good result). So we’ll see.