according to natasha at cariboublog, the wooly marmots are back from the annodizer! And Pics are being released 2day! Just head to and check out the post titled - it is snowing. Look at the comments and you will see!

Awesome! I want one!

I don’t have the cash just yet. :frowning:

Did you see the Robot vs. Ninja Moose? Thats cool!

thats not all of it! Check out to see their swirl yoyos, the frozen mammoth peak, and the grizzly bear clown town peak. Boy they never stop succeeding!

I was hoping they would realease it later, like say, at worlds…

Haha, I could’ve kept saving up for one of those!

But I’m happy to get my Dv888 :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah, well im pretty sure this doesnt mean that they will be up for sale. The last thing i heard they said give it about a month. And the Bassalopes are two weeks behind the mamot as far as production so you could go for one of those! :slight_smile:

pics are up.