Big Brother - TT - Review

I never had a big brother. I have two big sisters who tortured me endlessly, but no big brothers. I may have never gotten a Tata Twister (censors, funny thing), but I got plenty of noogies, rug burns, and psychological damage. This one time, I fell asleep on my sisters bed. She and my other sister picked me up, put me in her closet, and then moved all the furniture around in her room. She had my 6 year old self convinced that I woke up in an alternate universe where our home was backwards and everyone wore shoes on there hands. Ahh the days before Nintendo…… Needless to say, I understand what an older sibling can do to torture you.
The brilliant thing, with Big Brother yo-yo’s is that they name their yo-yo’s after the nefarious acts that remind you of your tortured youth, but this time it’s a good thing. Now you’re the big brother, dishing out Wedgies and TaTa Twisters. I loved the Bully, the Wedgie was fantastic, and now, here is the TT. From Big Brother YoYo’s and, here is the Big Brother TT review.
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