Big Ben Review

So here is my first review on the Big Ben.


YYJ Big Ben Stats:
Diameter: 2.51"
Width: 1.74"
Response System: Double O-Ring
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing Size: Size C
Colors: White, Red, Orange, & Dark Blue
Shape: Butterfly

What I use it for

I am going to use it for 1A, for now.

Look & Feel

It really looks great, and the caps are see through with the words Big Ben, and it really feels light and smooth for me.


The size makes this yo-yo look heavier than how it feels, probably how they placed the weight, it even feels lighter than my modified Fast 201 with four added rubber hose washers.


Since it is big, it is easier to land it on the string. My first trick on it was the Trapeze, which it was easy, and my second trick was Double or Nothing, and I landed it on the first try, which I am not very good at Double or Nothing.


I must not really be used to the response, because when I try to tug it back up it now and then does, and now and then it does not, but when I try bind return I find out it binds really good for me, and as I play with it more it gets a tiny bit less responsive, but in my opinion it is easier for me to bind with it, than with silicone.


I really like the play of this yo-yo, every time I throw it, for some reason I want to do tricks where it has to land on the string.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend this yo-yo for someone who has trouble bind returns and landing their yo-yo on the string, but don’t get me wrong you can still miss the string with it though. (I still have trouble with Double or Nothing, and I even landed it even with my Fast 201.)

First, I received it today, and second, this is my first review, so if it is not that good then please tell me how I can improve at making reviews, I am open to criticism.

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Nice review, But a bit more detail.

well better than my 1 sentence 888 review which is on the like 500th page

shape? Overall, this is a great review, seriously. ;D