**************Bgrade(should be agrade) Skywalker OFFER LF: $$$$************

here we have a siliconed bgrade (should be agrade) green skywalker!
it has a few marks but they do not affect play at all!
on the sides there is some marker (got it like that from gleock)
pretty smooth great yoyo!

offer up!

But then you will just have to pay for shipping, which would make it $25. Whyb sell it on the B/S/T, when people can just buy it in the shop for the same price?

hmmm, whats the difference?

Still, Yoyoexpert might have faster shipping, and people probably trust them more.

it has the code on it so i can just take a picture and send it to the person duh

and so does it matter

Oh, I didn’t know you were going to do it like that.

Since when is shipping a peice of paper 5 bucks?

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yeah its 5 bucks cheaper. theres no need to jack peoples threads like that and you cant yell at people it is there prce

mods can you plz clean this up.

how much is dv888 with shipping

read the thread… 38 shipped.

I’ll buy the DV888
Do you take paypal?

b-grade 888 for 44???