Best vacation you have taken

Ok guys read the topic and my best vacation was when I went to Aruba

Went to carribeans on disney cruise totally pigging out on those buffets and ice cream<3.


Went to Scotland, one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I’ll attach some pics, one of a puffin that I took, a pic of me using some Astrojax (another skill toy) on a hike I took while there, and a pic of Ben Nevis, a mountain, on a different hike.

Hawaii for 9 days ;D

Disney World for a weekend with my family.

I really hate traveling, so the best vacation I’ve ever taken was not a vacation at all… It was staying home.

  1. My honeymoon in Ibiza. I have to say that in case my wife reads this some day.

  2. Next, The 6 weeks I spent in Australia the summer after I graduated university. It had adventure, beaches, the whole nine yards.

  3. Followed closely by my sister’s wedding in Jamaica. The all-inclusive we stayed at was perfect for our group… not too rowdy at night, great food, wonderful private beach… super-cool cabins. The AC could’ve been nicer for nighttime, but it wasn’t too bad.

Phillipines for 3 weeks! Coconuts so fresh their cut of the tree with a machete, make a hole, and pop a straw in there! All at the top of a volcano too! Plus i didnt have to climb, i rented a horse+handler to take me up for the us equivalent of $5.00!

A place called South Haven in MI, and I stayed on a beach house for a week with the family. The city if South Haven is super nice and homey.

Yearly Maine trip for a week.

When I won the congressional are competition and got to go to DC.

Been a lot of places but I am saying Orlando and you know why !!!

Disney World???

That’s just silly. Surely he’s referring to Gatorland.

lol :smiley: