Best seller on the forums, nkessler!



Just so you guys know, I’ve never felt that I have needed to post how great of a seller someone has been up to this point in my YYE career.

After being scammed twice recently, fortune met me with this seller who was selling the perfect yoyo for me. The YYR Triplet. I luckily got myself a nice mint and smooth YYR Triplet for $80 because of this guy.

This is just the beginning of how great nkessler is. He is an outstanding seller. I don’t think anybody could do absolutely anything possible to one up this guy. To begin with, he pm’d me this picture the next day:

As you can see, he provided me with the picture of the receipt with insurance and everything.

He later sent me PM’s when the package arrive to eagerly hear how I liked my yo-yo. Kind dude.

As for the package, the little Yoyorecreation box and a little surprise was packaged with packing peanuts and bubble wrap so well, you could most likely drop the package from the Empire State building and everything inside would be fine. The shipping box was HUGE for such small contents.

The first thing I see when I rip open a package was a folded up piece of loose leaf paper. When I open it up, I am surprised to see a nice little note. In the note he told me that he hoped that I would enjoy the Triplet and (Here is this surprise) that he sent me a brand new tube of yellow YYSL Ammo. Isn’t that awesome?

So if you guys every trade or sell from this guy at all, don’t be hesitant on trusting him. He goes above and beyond. Good job nkessler and thank you very much.

(UmeNagisa) #2

Indeed the best Ive encountered so far.
Thanks NKessler <3


Thank you both!

I got the idea for sending pictures of the receipt from FountainPenNetwork and have been doing it since before the first fall of YYN. It only takes me an extra 4 or 5 minutes and provides great peace of mind to the person who just sent my money, but doesn’t yet have any guarantee that he/she will get their product.

I think every seller/trader/buyer should start asking for pictures of the shipping receipt from all traders with 10 feedback or less. If no picture is supplied, a big red flag should go up. It really is simple to do and should be done as an “act of good faith” regardless of the seller’s position or status.

I’m glad you two enjoy the yoyos I traded and sold to you!

(By the way, I’m more than happy to act as reference to either of the fine individuals who’ve posted in this thread. They were both very easy to deal with and should be considered trustworthy by anyone looking to trade with either of them.)