Best place to get polyester/nylon string.

Any good place to get the polyester/nylon mixture? I want to try it. Or is it a custom mixture that isn’t really sold at online stores.

titanium221, Jeromy K. and I sell polyester/nylon string.

Shoot us some PMs.

Ah, so only self-made by you guys. So, why’s you guy’s string cost more for less? Compared to the store here…?

What makes your string special? And no, not being sarcastic. Curious what the blend is all about, haha. And what methods of payment do you guys take? Paypal, mail only, etc? And if you only know your own info, that’s fine.

Materials are more expensive. You have to make a profit.

Poly is cheap to make and the nylon blend makes it cost more.

There is also Chaos String but their site is down for a little bit. They make all kinds of stuff. This is the maker of the string that comes on 1Drop yoyo’s.

Also I’m not trying to take away from you guy’s that sell it here. Frank is just a friend of mine and I promote his whenever I get the chance.

Ah, thank you guys for the posts, and ah, I understand after getting some PMs in addition to these posts. And yeah, I’ve been to look at the Chaos strings a few days ago, and read how they come with newer one-drop yoyos as default. I’ll weigh my options though. Again, thank you guys.

I believe you get a little more string from Jeromy K. $3:50 for 10 strings, I think.

gm user’s string is great too. Worth the price.