Best mono-metal Rebellion?

Anyone tried more than one of them? Those interesting me especially is Gazer, Qilin and Butcher

I’ve heard a lot of good about the qilin.

Anyone else? Surely some here must have experience with them?

out of those i played lilliputian is the only one that inherited a practically significant amount of character from its predecessor, but that also means it is just as niche to the same point i can’t imagine anyone other than iizuka himself using it and making it look just right.

Yeah, i really don’t care that much if the yoyo have the character or “feel” like its YYR-predecessor or not. And the Lilliputian is too small anyways. What could you say about the others you’ve tried? :slight_smile:

qilin is a larger puffin2 with a little added center weight. acro is a c3

A C3 what?

I’ve tried the Qilin, Gazer and Golyat. The Golyat is its own thing. I didn’t find the Qilin or Gazer to quite live up to their 7075 Japanese-made regular YoYoRecreation counterparts. I thought they played pretty well, but nothing remarkable about them. I wouldn’t be able to choose one definitively between them. It would have to come down to whichever specs I preferred more.