Best Bearing?

Because of my good grades, my parents are getting me a Supernova tonight. They also said I could get a grooved bearing. Which kind of grooved bearing is the best?

There is the Crucial Grooved Bearing, the only grooved bearing I am aware of.

But, regarding shaped bearings, I find it’s best to experiment to see what either you like best or what works best in a particular yoyo.

For example, the Chaser ships with a slim bearing and a YYJ Speed Bearing. I put in a KK, didn’t like it, put the Speed Bearing back in.

In contrast, the Meteor and Speeder 2 have YYJ Speed bearings(the Speeder 2 has the slim bearing installed, the Speed Bearing in the box). I popped KK’s in in there, love it!

A friend uses Crucial Grooved in nearly all his yoyos. I mostly prefer flats.

So, they are all great. It just depends what you like.