best bearing

just wonderin’:).

jus got the oscillatrix from RecRev. Came stock with Crucial Groove. Is so smooth i went an bought one for my dv888. Love it!

It’s all about preferences. I’m trying out a SuperStar with a Crucial Groove bearing in it and it plays really nice. I like the centertracks in my Protostar, Northstar and other yoyos that have it. I like the Konkave in my Phenom and Phenomizm and am most likely going to stick one in my Speeder 2 and Chaser. I’ve got Terrapin X bearings in many yoyos I have, including Chrome X, Wing Cut and S/C models, as well as an A+ beefcake kit. My One Drops all use OD 10 Balls. Terrapin X Wing Cut Dry Play are my preferred “flat” replacement bearings. Most are still factory default/stock bearings.

Buy some bearings. They aren’t super expensive. Avoid ceramics for now just to save money. You can always get ceramics later. I mean, if you like the steel version, chances are you will like the ceramic version a tiny bit more or maybe a LOT more. Just spend some money so you can experiment.

What ever comes stock. (Unless that bearing breaks then I might put something else in.)