BEST Bearing AND String for 1A? GOLD CT vs KK vs Terrapin X/Nylon 1.5 vs Poly

I am looking to buy a new bearing. I currently have the Ceramic KK and a few KK’s…This topic is the reason I decided to register and get input. :slight_smile:

So, I would like to know how the GOLD CenterTrac and the Terrapin X Wing Cut Ceramic perform. Please post your insights if you have used thelm. How would they compare to my KK’s?? I have been doing my research on bearings and these are the 3 that keep coming up the most: The Terrapin X, the Gold CT and the KK. I decided to start with the KK, and it is already amazing.

Also, which string? I currently am running Kitty String Nylon 1.5 and it is very impressive! How would the Kitty Poly compare?

I will be using these in a YoYoFactory Shutter and on my DUNCAN Torque.

Thank you! 8)

String is completely subjective, try a lot
Bearings is also slightly dubious, but NSK bearings are regarded as very very high end, holding some of the highest sleep times. (all anecdotal evidence though)

I didn’t know about that one :wink:

Is it the same as the YYF GOLDEN CenterTrac??  It looks similar.

This is the only link I could find for a “NSK YoYo Bearing” off of a Google String Search:

Unfortunately, NO YYE availability!  ANDRE!! :’(

Please don’t refer to other stores on YYE.

Also, I tend to agree with you on the String thing. I really have fallen in love with the 1.5 Nylon’s, they are amazing. The Poly that came with my YYF Velocity was super impressive as well. I guess when I run out of Kitty String, I’ll just order Nylons and some Polys to accompany it. I used Cotton for a long-time simply because you could get it at retail, and that was all there was. It was $2.99 for 5 Duncan Strings, and then it went up to $5, sheesh!

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Thank you for the info, very helpful! Is the BillyBob’s Store the only place to acquire this bearing??

Additionally, does the Platinum out spin the Gold one?? In terms of Precious Metals, I am guessing the Platinum last longer because Platinum is a superior metal. (That is a subjective opinion, at best)

I dont think they have real platinum, i think is most because of the color, but who cares? they rock.
About Rewind… no, spingear sells as well, and they have discount over 5+

Thank again! I realize that it is a Prated Piecasen, and not really Pratinum. Platinum and Gold are both up to about 1200USD$, so I wouldn’t expect any of the manufacturers to be able to afford to use the real thing while make a fine a Profable Prooduct.

Depends on your preferences

I went ahead and just bought an NSK Platinum and an NSK Gold… Straight drop-shippin em’ in from Japan. ;D

You will not be disappointed.

I think the marketing literature is bull, though. On a whim, I lightly lubed one of mine, and the bearing not only operated fine but was the quietest bearing in the history of forever.

It was TOO quiet, though, and you definitely don’t need lube, so I cleaned it back to dry.

Suffice it to say: don’t bother lubing it, whether you “can” or not. :wink:

I appreciate the insights, I ordered both bearings in the different manufacturing materials offered so I could figure out which one will perform best for me. I don’t really mind spending the extra $20 on getting a better bearing when it is time to do so. If it means being able to stick and learn a few more tricks, that is well worth the money in my eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, the bearing itself didn’t improve my ability to hit tricks. At all. Not even a little. :wink:

But it’s quiet (which is necessary in my house) and smooth (which is always fun).

For some is not an issue, for me it is, and that´s another point to the NSK, is quiet as heave, while in example, Terrapin is awesome in performance, but is extremely noise, it ca be heard from another room with the door closed.

Oahwoah, how a Terrapin compare to an NSK in a spinner?? R Louder than a Dif-E-Yo, give you a happy feelings? :smiley:



terrapins r that noisy?


So these are pretty much all the bearings to look for/try out? No other ones?