Berkshire Flow

Hey ya’ll,
I am officially sponsored by Spin Dynamics YoYo!!!
Nick Gumlaw and I made this video to announce it, and get the word out about our new yoyo, the flow.

Congrats man! Hot day for sponsorships, it seems like. :smiley:

You guys and your nutty grinds! Especially love the grind-to-bind tricks.

Awesome work, Benji. Congratulations!

Had a blast making this with you Benji! Many more to come guys, expect Douggie, Ethan and Shane to be in on the action this summer too.

Always a pleasure my friend


This is awesome news!!! Congrats Benji!!!

Berkshire Flow is up on the Flow page for YYE now!

Awesome job!

Thanks JRod!

Great Video!


Why are you both so skilled?

I find your tricks amazing! It’s really cool to because I’ve met both of you!

Might have to borrow some of those moves XD great stuff in here! I like the 3a 3-beat weave you snuck in there.

Thank you all for the kind words, glad you dig the video! This will be my last bump on this. Again, thank you all for checking it out!

I’ll be getting a Flow soon. ;D ;D ;D ;D

That’s awesome! What color/finish are you leaning towards?