Benefets of flat bearings? (Not a flat versus string centering discussion)

Hi everyone. I’ve just rediscovered the recently the greatness of flat bearings again. Since changing back to flats in my yoyos, I’ve notice I get tighter binds and a general smoother feel throughout combos. The whole experience just feels tighter to me. I also am not really experiencing the loss of stability and spin that people say comes with using flats. Can anyone else chime in and tell me more benefits of using flat bearings?

Oh… And i meant to spell ‘benefits’ not ‘benefets’. :wink:

Edit: Disregard.

ky zizan like using them for his dragon styles… and there easier to maintain than grooved bearings.

Curious what would make them easier to maintain.

well with some of my grooved bearings and accidentally dry silicone gets In I can’t always where it is because of the groove and so I have to put the bearing in acetone to get it out. With a flat bearing I don’t always have to do that.

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binds easier and throw different. Really any difference is minor.
Most flats are way cheaper then most specialty bearings as well.

Flat bearings good for floaty yo-yos.

String centering bearings good for stable solid yo-yos.