Bee Sting Help, Pretty Pretty Please with a Cherry on top

I am stuck on Bee Sting, I can do the 360 part but when i flip it onto Opposite trapeze the cw keeps going and wraps around my hand and i cant flip it over into a trapeze, Also The Sequence of this trick confuses me, I have seen Bever Chakus’s Tut on this and the way he does it is Catch the Cw before he lands into the Trapeze, But Andre Flips it and then Catches the Cw. Please Reply

practice practice practice, i found bevers tut much more helpful, but keep trying, it took me a few days till it clicked

It has been A month… Also Does BC do it right? He doesn’t swing into trapeze Til after he catches the Cw, And i think Andre does Differant. Would catching the counter Weight Before flipping into trapeze Correct?

the way bever does it it easier he just skips the step andre does at the end learn it the way he does it first then do it the way andre does. i still cant do it the way andre does, one tip is to get a good initial 360 and like bever does pinch the string when you flip it. but a good 360 will help alot.