Why are there 2 red dots on the shield of my bearing?

Who knows?

If it doesn’t effect play then screw it

It’s a Terrapin X bearing.

That’s why.

Is it wing cut or flat?
If you want to know if it’s wing cut, place a flat item such as the edge of a credit card on it. If you see a small dip, it’s a wing cut.

It’s flat so is it ceramic

Two dots are steel. 1 dot is ceramic.

It’s 2
Is it any better then a normal one

Terrapin treated bearings are pretty awesome imo

So, we’ve established you have a Terrapin X Chrome X bearing.

Is it better? If you like it, then yes. If not, then no.

I Terrapin X Dry Play treat all my bearings these days.

one dot ceramic, two dots steel…