bearing spin.


Hmm just wondering, Alot of people talk about how long they can spin whatever yoyo. I can ussally get between 5 -7min on most of mine. What i wanna know is how long of a spin do you get on a finger flick. One flick of the bearing how long does it spin? I get ussally get about 12 seconds. I have had some spin for as long as 40 seconds after a fresh cleaning. Even longer if using compressed air to spin. ANy ways was just curious on what spin times others get with a finger flick?


Depends on the bearing


a 10 ball with a good water cleaning can spin for 30 seconds or more.


How do you clean a bearing with water?

(Mark) #5

It’s only recommended for stainless steel bearings. But you have to make sure you dry the bearing well. It’s similar to clean it with mineral spirits.

(jared) #6

35 seconds on a kk


Well, relative to my 10 ball with the same flick, my kk spins for 15 seconds. My best yyj bearing spins for abt 11 seconds, and my EZO bearing spins for abt 13 seconds.