Bearing recommendations

I did not know about these. On my xmas list now. Thanks!

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I havent tried them, but for 5 bucks i dont think you can go wrong.


I bought 4 of the airetic grooved bearings a while back, they seem comparable to the G2 grooved bearing. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came from the same factory. How many factories out there could actually be making these things?


Maybe they come from the same factory, but if the Airetic bearings are shielded on both sides, then they aren’t the same bearings as the Boss Rage bearings.

I’ve honestly thought the same thing. They’re my go-tos.

I need to try Rain City Skills’s grooved bearings at some point, as well. I don’t think they’re exactly the same as G2 & Airetic but the one in my Metalhead seems really nice after a cleaning.

I deshielded the Choice bearing and accidentally mixed it up with a boss bearing. I take out another boss bearing to match it with the two bearing and couldn’t decided with is which from looking at them. Do they play different? The 1 choice bearing I use seems louder than the 2 boss bearing I tried. This is extremely small sample and completely unreliable.

I think someone pre-lubes the Boss Rage bearings a little before they are sent to customers. All the Rages I ever bought were pretty quiet, especially compared to Konkave and CT bearings.

I’m not claiming they are the same bearings, from my limited sample they are comparable in terms of feel and performance. I deshield and clean/lube bearings before I install them, and I’d have to check my spreadsheet to tell you which bearing is in which yoyo.

My point is that all these centering bearings are a pretty specialized application, right offhand I can’t think of any other product that would use centering instead of a flat bearing. In production yoyos, the grooved bearings are the least common type of bearing. I cannot think of a budget yoyo ($30) that comes with a grooved bearing. It seems like there just isn’t enough market available to entice factories to spend the money to make yet another centering bearing. A quick hunt on the direct from china site turned up options for CT and concave R188ZZ (size C) bearings from several manufacturers, but nothing that looked like a grooved bearing. It would take some hunting to source some, this also leads me to believe they aren’t widely manufactured.

Luckily we have several companies who are willing to take the time to source them and resell them, I wish YYE would update their house brand bearing offerings.

Has anybody tried the new topyo bearing sold here on YYE? I haven’t gotten around to ordering them yet, I like that style of bearing and buying the DS bearings gets expensive.