Bearing on non USA CZM8?

On the page for the CZM8, the bearing is listed as a Center Track Bearing. But in the photos, it looks like the USA versions have a center bearing, but the purple model has a flat bearing. I’m interested in the purple one, but I want the center bearing.

Can anyone verify what bearing the purple, non USA version has?

I believe with the price cut they had to take out the CT. It now has a flat SPEC bearing.

All CZM8s are made in the USA. The production run just has SPEC bearings so that they can retail for $45.

As far as I know, the original run was made in the US and came with a CT bearing. The cheaper large production run are made in China and come with a flat bearing. I’d happily take the large discount on this one. In my experience, YYF’s Chinese made throws are every bit as good as their US made ones.