Bearing maintenance


Ok so I’ve been yo-yoing for quite a while and one thing I’ve always stumbled upon is bearing maintenance. And for example i just got a new yoyo and at first it sounded so smooth then bam it started to rattle after not long and ya in previous yoyos I’ve had the bearing got over it. So this is what I’m asking you yoyo expert. What kinda of maintenance do y’all do for your bearing and how do you feel about it?


If its a new bearing its most likely just the bearing breaking in; however some bearings come without lubrication which can cause them to wear down faster. However, even hen running a bearing dry it will take along time for it to wear down to the point where you’ll see significant performance loss. That aside, there’s many threads on bearing maintenance. However the short an sweet version is, use acetone in a clean glass container, remove the c clips and shields from the bearing with a needle, shake/stir the bearing around, spin it dry, replace shields… Profit? There’s some more detailed information floating around, as well as paper cleaning method, which again short version is triangular cut strips of paper used to clean the races of the bearing. Should you have trouble finding the information in various threads/google feel free to pm me!


Or the air compressor method.