Bearing for metal drifter

the metal drifter has a three bearing system of some sort could i put a centertrac in it. would it increase spin time.

if you can find an A sized CT then yes. spin time isnt really affected

Most bearings don’t affect spin time and as long as it’s A sized, it’s fine.

CT bearings are flared up at the sides. They “KIND” of prevent the string from touching the sides of the yoyo. But I don’t know why, I like CT bearings. Escpecially when run dry.

i hear it spins for about 1 1/2 minute tops that wont improve with any bearing.

I can, but it’s your throw. Flat is fine.

I dont have one i was just asking. Im thinking about getting one.

I have a clean bearing in mine, just a flat stock bearing. It definitely spins more than a minute and a half when I let it. It got over a minute with the original super-lubed bearing in.