Bearing cleaning


So i have this

But its really milky looking and i swear my 10ball now makes my gradient play responsive is it the mineral spirits that did that and if so will 91% isopropyl alcohol work as a cleaner?


I used to use 91% isopropyl, and it is fine. I think lighter fluid is better, though.


Sir lava lamp, I recommend you DO NOT use the “Green” type of mineral spirits, use the old-fashioned clear stuff. Klean Strip makes it and it’s simply called Odorless Mineral Spirits.


(InvaderDust) #4

Ill chime in with my preferred method.


Duh, I said lighter fluid, but I have actually never used that! I started using acetone, when I bought some of the Terrapin dry lube. Just got my wires crossed…


Lighter fluid, as in Ronson or Zippo, works just fine. Prefer it to mineral spirits or acetone.