bearing cleaning.

I cant grt my konkave to spin like it used to when it was brand new. I have cleand it and lubed it and is still stuck when I spin it with my also is semi responsive What do I do.

1: How long have you had it? How many hours have you played it? Estimates are fine, including answers like “days, weeks, months…”

2: How did you clean it? Did you de-shield it and then soak it in mineral spirits or lighter fluid for at least 15 minutes and shake it around in there? Did you let it sit on a paper towel to wick out the rest of the solvents? Did you blow out the rest and spin it try?(this also removes other impurities)

3: What kind of lube are you using? A drop of VM4 or thin lube works great IF shielded, but if unshielded, a LOT less is needed.(say, 25% of a drop or even less.)

It’s better to UNDER-lube rather than OVER-Lube. If you use too much, you have to start over. If you use too little, you can add more. When adding, only add the tiniest bit at a time. Play it a bit to work it in really good. Chances are you’re already good.

Then again, maybe it has gone bad. It happens.

I have found cleaning, lubing(maybe a bit too much), played for a bit(the play and lube helps lift other impurities) and then a re-cleaning can go a long way.

Elephark recently talked about his method of using a paper method to clean the bearing. I can’t do this, my hands aren’t steady enough. It’s an extra step but it makes sense and is logical and worth a shot. He’s adding the use of I think paper towel slices to get between the race and the inner and outer rings to help get additional stuff out of the bearing and leaving no doubt that it’s clean. This may be a bit more difficult in shaped bearings but is still worth a shot.

If you’re interested in it, try his instructions:,23234.0.html

It can’t hurt and it shouldn’t make the problem worse.