Battleborn Opinions?

Hi, I was considering buying a copy of battleborn for the xbox one. Any of you guys have any opinions about the game? Is it fun? Is it worth the money?

Got mine on sale for $40 and even then it wasn’t worth it to us. Picked it up to couch co-op but it got old quick and is a very over designed game imo. The whole ‘play a lot of characters’ didn’t really add any replay value either since we didn’t like the game overall but played multiple characters trying to like it. Beat the game in just over a week co-op and played some online then traded it back to GS. Got $13 in trade value I think so they must be getting plenty of copies taken back.

I’d be able to pick up a hard copy or around $20 to $25 bucks. I’m not sure if I should get this game or save up for new releases (ahem, battlefield 1, titanfall 2, ahem, ahem ahem.).

Dude, that is a crazy range in prices! $25-$25!

Nevermind, meant to say $20 to $25. Lol. Fixed it.