Anyone play For Honor?

I love this game.

(NSFW for language)

Epic games store just gave it away for free recently.

Loved this game when it first came out, but I remember being frustrated with certain exploits (who knows what they were now, it’s been a while), so I drifted away from it. I’d hope the game is in a better state now! Maybe I should give it another go. :thinking:

I played beta / around release - servers were awful and warlord was broken

I mained Kensei/Shugoki

I miss it every now and then but it lost it’s flare for me when my friends stopped playing

Yup, you can get it for free on Epic (or at least you could, not sure if that promo ended).

I’ve played since the open beta and it’s been refined quite a bit - gameplay is a lot more balanced than it used to be.