battle of the elders happening this year?

Just curious if it’s happening this year competed last year but would like to again this year any info would be great thanks

How many years into the hobby does one need to be to enter this?

Only stipulation is that its 30 years old and older.
There was only 2 categories. 1 year and under, and 1 year and over.

Oh, okay :slight_smile: thanks!

Hey guys, I don’t think Greg is up to it this year… Family, work… life… hehe I know he wants to but he is a busy guy!!

Ok i was just curious i understand i have a8year old a3month old and adopted our niece who is9months old i know all to well about busy life lol but couldn’t be happier thanks for the info

I’m gonna send you a box of ‘periods and Caps’ for Christmas.

I know you may not understand why I just said that but I was really fascinated at how good you are at squeezing an entire paragraph of information into a single run on sentence and yet at the same time make it very readable and easy to distinguish exactly what you are trying to get across almost like I am reading your mind even though I’m not reading your mind but I could be but no way to actually test that theory so I better just stick to what we know and not second guess what you might mean simply because I could be completely wrong about what in essence you intended to convey and I am not the one to jump to conclusions especially since I do not know you and you might have perfectly understandable justification for economizing on caps and periods so you can save them for a rainy day or a sunny day or a total lunar eclipse or full moon or half moon or quarter moon or the month of June to the beat of a good tune any time soon but it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things considering planetary alignment and black holes and other things that go bump in the night



C’mon, be nice.

Send some commas too!

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This made me laugh. Thanks, Doc!

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Thanks takes talent to do that lol.especially when your sleep deprived…,’’’’’ I’ll try to be more grammatically correct thanks.

The only moment when you feel sorry that you’re not old yet…

NEVER… feel sorry that you are ‘not older’.

Get older as slow as you can. One day at a time.

Trust me.


Yep, getting old isn’t for sissies.

I know, I mean this battle seems so fun that the young almost wants to be old lol.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the interest! I really wanted to have an unbroken run, but I can’t seem to get it together this year. I had 3 kids last year, too, but somehow it got more hectic. I guess the youngest one being a toddler has done it. :wink:

Someone could always throw together a quick battle format for bragging rights just to say it happened, but I’m not the man for the job this year.

Next year I hope I get things rolling in time to make it happen!


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I know how you feel Greg. I don’t even have kids and I’ve been so busy this year I can’t get anything done. A year off will just mean I’m better next time it comes around.

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