Basement Sessions 5

Just went up! Check it out!


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Your throwing always amazes me!
Adored that Ninja vanish slack to Gt behind your head to GT drop.
Well done! It’s a fresher version of this one I had haha!
The other guy, has such a nice style using those tight complex motions.
That girl, beastly with a Kendama, and knows her way around the yoyo too! :slight_smile:

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Blocked :confused:

It should be available on all platforms now.

Out of all the Basement Sessions, this one’s best.

Haley is such a dedicated Kendama player! She deserves a sponsorship.

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nasty video, great to see throwers playing together

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She’s got some stuff in the works, I think everyone who knows her will be pleasantly surprised when a few announcements finally get made sometime in the next few weeks… :wink:

Yay :smiley:

I moved to a new house so we might not be making any more of these… at least not for a while… :confused:


NOOOOOooooo find a basement!!!

Really good stuff in here. Always look forward to Basement Sessions!

Thanks for the feedback all! Almost to 2K views :slight_smile: