Basement Sessions 3: The Flannel Edit (Explicit) Ft. JT Nickel, Aaron Davis

Don’t mind the language…


Somethin tells me thats notball that goes down in that basement haha, good stuff yo! Keep that poop up! Loved the intro to the video! Haha sittin on the toilet! Tell your crew i said good stuff yo! I wish i had friends that could throw :confused: now im sad ;’(

Yo Aaron Davis dat be a sick vid!

Only because you’re naked in it :wink:

I hope you washed your hands… :smiley:

That was sick

Really, it was one of my favorites.

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Thanks guys. It was a lot of fun to make. Only took a weekend, even with all of the setbacks we had to endure haha


Great video. Good fun. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Greg! Glad you liked it :smiley:

Thanks for all the great feedback guys! Can’t wait to see everyone at PNWR this weekend! SO STOKED

DUDES! SO SICK!! Epic Dama skills!! DIGGING!

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nice vid, love the intro haha

Almost to 1K views… I was surprised how many people at PNWR had seen the video. Thanks for the support guys, I’m glad you all liked it!