Geometry - Aaron Davis


A few tricks I’ve been working on in preparation for BAC. Let me know what you think!


You got good chance of winning. SOOOOO GOOD


geez man…amazing! sick and fluid skill and as smooth as ever! like I’ve said in other threads, your bada$$ and will be in the #1 spot in no time! keep up the great work and keep them vids coming asap!


Awesome! I feel your tricks is so good!


You’re alright I guess :wink:


Dang so good and that string was so bright it seemed to come alive in the nighttime haha. Very good job man.

(velez_adrian) #7

Can I be sponsored by clyw


Thanks guys! I’m trying to bring a “professional” quality to my videos from now on. Hoping to make some more cool stuff soon!


I’m surprised I’ve never seen this yet… it is really good.


Such a sick video. Awesome man.