Aaron Davis | 2013 CLYW Video Contest

Check it out, let me know what you think!

Flawless as usual!
Mine is uploading as we speak :slight_smile:
Wearing the Same hate haha!

Really awesome dude!

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You’re doing something right if people like me get excited every time they see you post something :wink: Left me shaking my head in amazement. Great job!

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Agreed Alex!

And Mine is now up! Woo!


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You’re so amazing.

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Couldn’t agree more.

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Thanks guys! Hopefully the video had enough oomph to make it to top 10. I’ve been saving some tricks that I’d like to show off :wink:


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Hey thanks man! Means a lot. It was cool meeting you at Nats!

I like it.

Please make tutorials!

NICE man!

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Aaron is just too raw.

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do you wana cook him then?

For which tricks?