Bape, Chesterman Peak, 08 08 08 888, RvNM 30 MINUTES LEFT!!!


Thinning out my collection the ebay way. All are starting at 99 cents with no reserve. Lots more than I listed. Check it out.

Good luck,



Aw, man. That 080808 eight8eight looks soooo good! :o


Are you serious? a metal yoyo cost $.99?
Heh, I don’t think so, are you?

Happy Throwing! =]


There’s no reserve. :stuck_out_tongue:

YoYoGuy has a special for a $1 metal Yo-Yo, with any selected buy.


That special is for $1 shipping if you buy certain yoyos from them.

(JonasK) #6

Some really funny people bid 0.99 on your Bape.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

G555 D:


Its called bidding.


Oh, my bad…

Happy Throwing! =]


Thanks so much Vega! I got 3 out of the 7 I bid on. Really excited! Turned out to be a great deal for me :] Payment’s all set!

(system) #12