Backpack suggestions?


Alright guys it’s this time of year once again and my grandmother said she would give us some Money for new school backpacks. So I need your help for finding a new backpack since my freshman year my old ll bean backpack got a giant hole near a strap at the end of the year so it’s time for a new backpack. And since I suck at shopping in general… What are your suggestions? It needs to carry a lot because my backpack is practically a mobile locker during the school year.


Get a swissgear backpack, big and durable


Seconding Swissgear. I bought a backpack (with a laptop compartment) close to 8 years ago and it’s been great - very durable, very spacious, and looks nice too.


Jansport or Mec.


Get anything with a good warranty, most quality packs will have a lifetime warranty.

Right now I have a Dakine backpack they have great warranty.

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…doesn’t L.L. Bean have a “lifetime guarantee” on most of the products they make? (I know they do on all the boots they make)

Also I’d have to support Swissgear, my friend beats his to death and loves it.

If you’re going for full out “never use your locker EVER” (me) I’d recommend Adidas “Ridgemont” backpack, worked great for me.(and it has a nice warranty)


Depends how much $$$ ya got…

Duluth Pack makes some nice stuff:

So does Frost River:


In high school I went through an under armour back pack and 3 LL Bean Backpacks. 1 for each year. I was the same way, I needed to carry a lot of things with me everywhere.

Not that I am in college, I have a Samsonite and I absolutely love it. Best backpack I’ve ever had. I definitely would say go for Samsonite or Swiss Gear if not!


Get a JansPort, those things are indestructible. Except for those cheap target knockoffs.


I’m currently using this and I love it.

The amount of pockets is amazing. It is a little small though, but this company makes some larger stuff. My dad (paramedic, firefighter) used this bag for a little while but gave it to me because he’s not a fan of a sling bag. It doesn’t show a single sign of wear and his job is pretty rough on bags.


i kind of have to never use my locker its not in a spot i continuously pass buy all the time
and we realize that but we lost the receipt and my backpack is too small.

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I rock a Chromebag