Back Again. Cutting way back.


I’m back, and gone again just as fast.

Moderators: Do not unlock. If it’s an issue, please delete it without announcement. I’m cool with that.

Ok, so I’m back. Don’t get used to it.

First, I want to say that both times I left, I had made the decision to leave before I left. MY decision. I had to emphasize where the decision came from. It’s important.

A strange coincidence of both my leavings, it appeared that yoyodoc was giving me some grief at the time. As I said in the previous paragraph, I had already made my decision and the timing was strictly coincidental. Any of you can say or think what you want, but I’m giving you the truth right now, and if you choose to accepted it, then good. If not, well, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Now that I’m clear on that, the rest of you should now also be completely clear on that. If I find out anyone was giving crap to yoyodoc over this, I’m gonna be greatly annoyed.

I also never said I was quitting playing with yoyos.

Now, a few words about yoyodoc:
I don’t know the guy. I haven’t met the guy. However, the two of us seem to understand each other. As far as anyone needs to be concerned, there’s nothing to worry about. I appreciate the stepping up to my defense. However, it was not necessary. I actually get along quite well with people like him.

Now, why am I back? Good question. It’s a strange answer.

The day I left, July 1, 2013, that evening, I got a call that I didn’t answer. Why didn’t I answer? Any calls that are from numbers I don’t know do not ring. However, in this case, this fell into another category: blocked or “unknown” or otherwise not sending caller ID digits.

Within this 240 second voicemail(apparently the limit of my voicemail) was a message that kind of surprised me. There was nothing bad in the message, just wasn’t what I was expecting. I wasn’t expecting a message, period. In short, I was requested to “end my retirement”. The rest of the message was supportive of that position. It also covered many things I hadn’t thought of.

Now, I can’t say I entirely agree with the message. One of the big reasons that I don’t agree with the message is that I’m a bit too close to the subject matter. Due to my proximity to the topic, I am unable to maintain objectivity. The subject matter I am referring to is myself.

Apparently, I have completely failed to understand my place within this community. Apparently I’ve upset quite a few people with my seemingly abrupt leaving. I do sincerely apologize for that. It is the opinion of the caller that it would be in the best interest of the community if I were to stick around on the forum. It was also theorized that perhaps the forum offers other benefits to myself as well. As I understood it, my place within the community was that of just another insignificant player. I apparently misunderstood what my position is.

So, here’s the deal:
I’m back, but at the same time not really. I’m for the most part GONE again after this posting. I will “return” in early September. I’ve got gigs I have to prepare for, which include a yoyo/kendama event, a shadowcast show that I have huge production involvement with and SacAnime, which is a 3 day marathon of non-stop work at the end of August/beginning of September. However, after SacAnime, I have to prepare for SacHorrorFilmFest, which is another 3 day marathon., Of course I will be taking a day off for the National YoYo Contest, where if I’m not running sound, I’ll be lugging around and sharing the “Case of Wonders”.

So, I am going to re-enable PM’s and email notifications for them. I’m only going to come if “paged”. You can call me directly, although text messages are preferred. Please understand, it’s because I’m busy with other things. Please, I request that you use a subject though

After SacAnime, I’ll be back “a bit more”.

While I may have been away, I’m not truly gone. I have been completely off the forum. I haven’t been living under a proverbial rock though. I’m not unaware of the amazing sale that YoYoExpert had for 4th of July, and I picked up some items I had my eye on for quite some time. What I spent, I’d prefer that to be between myself and YYE, if you don’t mind. I can’t resist a good sale. For my wife, it’s shoes. For me, it’s audio gear, computer parts and yoyos.

Honestly speaking, I enjoyed my time away from the forum. I didn’t miss it in the least. You may have noticed a log-in on July 3rd for those of you e-stalking me, but rest assured, this was due to me doing some “housekeeping” work before I did a hard drive swap-out on my Macbook Pro. I was immediately logging back out, as I was logged in due to a saved cookie. I haven’t read any messages or postings. I haven’t had any desire or motivation to read the forum. I haven’t had any interest in logging in and participating on the forum, I’ve been, as I said I would be: gone.

I’m not stating I hate the forum. I’m not saying I no longer support the forum. I have no ill will in any way towards the forum. At the moment, I just have no interest in the forum. I have no intention of deleting my account though because that way I have the option to come back if needed or wanted or if my point of view changes.

I will be spending more of my time on building up the various essays and articles I’ve written offline about the yoyo, which include blog-type things, reviews, observations and more, onto the yoyo section of my toy-related .info domain.

So, whom should you thank for this change in position and my “soft return” to the forum?


I don’t know what I’ve done to merit this kind of an attention. I guess it is part of my role to be of service to the yoyo and skill toy community. I will defer to the knowledge of my more experience peers to guide me.

To keep this “on topic” for the area I’m posting this in:

I have made approximately ZERO yoyo progress. My total time spent throwing has really dropped. However, this isn’t necessarily by choice. I’ve had a lot of things to deal with, and yoyo is relatively low on that list. I also really haven’t felt much desire to throw a whole lot. I think some of this may be due to the fact that I did some large spending recently thanks to various sales that simply could not be ignored. I may be overwhelmed with the new arrivals. Even so, despite my other things going on, I’m not really reaching for a yoyo.

Now, many of you know I have plenty of other skill toys, including spin tops(which I am not good at), diabolo(which I’m also not good at), juggling balls(I can’t juggle yet), kendama and kendama-type items(which I’m horrible at) and plenty of other things to frustrate the heck out of myself with. I can’t even take my own advice of “just try something else for a while”, because I’m just not interested in those either.

I’m sure this phase will pass.

I also have plenty of other things that are occupying my time, or better said: wasting my time and resources. I ain’t going there. I’m not going to get sued for making brains explode. For those e-stalking me, it’s basically more “same crap, different day” stuff, so no need to re-hash that.

I’ll tell you want I am interested in. I’m interested in getting an expandable digital console. I’m interested in growing my sound production capabilities. I’m interested in getting a new PA to cover 1200 people. I’m interested in repairing some gear. I’m interested in preparing for my upcoming events. That’s what I am interested in. At least one of those events is skill toy oriented as well.

Back to yoyos again:

Lots has arrived, due in part to fantastic sales for July 4th: Clearly, I haven’t chosen to quit. It wouldn’t make sense to quit and then buy a bunch of yoyos, sale or no sale. Plus, some new models that have recently released or about to release have also caught my eye.
Just wrapped up a BST deal for a Theory(which arrived recently, which is why I am posting this up, mostly since I had to login to post positive BST Feedback for iYoYo58).

I wish everyone on the forum well. I am not quitting yoyo’ing. I’m just changing my involvement, which in many ways is actually increasing my participation, just in more tangible ways.

And yoyodoc can call me whenever he feels like it. However, I can’t call back without a return number.