BAC what it should have been


I’m guessing everyone has big stress issues during performances (in particular prelims for major contests). So film yourself in your room to see what it should’ve been. Here is mine:

I panicked in the middle and wasn’t able to complete half of my routine.

But share and do!


Really good! Sorry to hear about the panic; that was a good routine!


That was nice dude! Some sponsership worthy stuff!

(Owen) #4

Bro I haven’t ever seen you yoyo before and you rock! If you had landed that at BAC you quite possibly coulda gotten into finals.

Yoyo freestyles really just need to be clean in order for you to place, like look at Zach, he didn’t get even close to first (In finals) but won US nats. It’s all abbot goin clean


Thanks guys, it really does mean a lot.

In all honesty, it’s just a completely different game when your in front of the judges, cameras, and strangers. I really want to see what everyone would’ve done, because most of the amateurs I talked to got terrible cases of stage fright. It’s part of the game, but its nice to see what we all had planned.


That was insane.


I remember you! You just bowed in the middle of your routine and left. Anyway if you had landed that at BAC it would’ve been insane! You definitely would’ve made finals!


Nope, must have been someone else. I stayed for the entire minute, but had to improvise because I kept slippin’ up.