practicing for BAC

I’m sorry about the quality, but this is what I have so far and I’m getting nervous because I’m really not that good lol

You are your biggest critic. Dont put yourself down so fast. You are good! Now just believe in yourself :wink:

Thanks buddy! But man I’m struggling! Any thoughts a to where to go from here?

Anyone please give me some suggestions!

I wish I could, but you already have a much smoother routine than I do.

The most fun freestyles to watch are the ones where it’s obvious the performer is having a blast. So I guess my advice would be to not stress about it so much. Just have fun, own any mistakes you made, and enjoy the crowd’s attention. I’ve never met a yoyo contest audience that was anything but supportive. Great community.


Pick a song if you haven’t already, and practice to that song

I’m gonna be performing to my own remix of Aesop Rock’s No City

Try not to do the around the world dismounts each time, mix it up.

I’m not sure what other dismounts to utilize. Any suggestions? It would be really helpful!

I think you did a fine job. Keep up the good work!