BAC this weekend - YYF B-Grades coming to YoYoExpert - and a fun forum Contest

As I am sure you all know the Bay Area Classic is this weekend (Saturday May 29th).

Next to the National Yo-Yo Contest and Worlds this is arguably the largest event out there - and competition wise is at very high level of play and always brings some amazing freestyle videos.

YoYoFactory is going big this year with some hot new releases and B-Grades. What about the people who can’t make it to the contest? We teamed up with YYF to bring you some a chance to get some FundaMETAL B-Grades even if you are not heading to the contest! The very cool YYF B-Grade T-Shirt will be in stock along with that too and the BAC limited Wooden Commemorative Yo-Yos!

We will also be announcing a forum contest tomorrow morning that will run until 10:00 AM EST Saturday. Check in tomorrow to see what it is all about along with pictures of the B-Grades that will be available at an amazing price! :wink:

FREE YOYOS!!! im in

he never said that but possibly for the contest