B/S/T (Such an imaginative name right?) ;D

So I am looking for trades but if you want to buy something then give me a price and we can work from there. Note: This is my collection I don’t want to necisarily want to get rid of these things i am just seeing maybe I can get other yoyos/money.

i - Gold plated not mint but you can’t notice the nicks that much. Missing a response pad.

Chico yoyo company:
b grade Flyer - very near mint (some teeny tiny pin prics), vibe, small ano flaw. Great throw.

xx Fiesta- Amazing. Not mint but I have the box (Only want a 4a yoyo  to trade for fiesta)

Legacy - 1st version. No caps, not mint, but one of my favorite plastic throws.

Thin lube - All most the hole bottle.

Skyline - YoyoExpert special edition. Not mint but can’t notice dings. Great yoyo.

Mighty Flea - First version. Not mint. Can make strings for it. Fun and it has a brand new bearing.
PSG - 1 small dent. Signed by Anthony Rojas, Yuki Spence, Ann Connoley, Tesa Belle,Augie Fash, and kevin. I have the box.

Really sexy skyline

I offer an atmosphere and any other relativly cheap yoyo

No dings
Purple new bearing new sylicone pads

Long sleep time

I’ll give you my YYF Velocity for the PSG. Please respond and I will give more details.

thanks but no thanks the PSG is signed by some really amazing players + it is mint.

Bump for one of the most creative and original names of a B/S/T thread. ;D

Yah thanks man!!!

free bump cause thats a sweet PSG

thanks man :wink: