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Have you ever been looking for something specific in the b/s/t section and then get a bunch of results matching your query, but most of them are under the poster’s “want list”? I get that all the time and it’s kind of annoying. Is there some way I could adjust my search parameters to avoid getting results from people’s “want lists” and “looking for’s”? Or is this something I’ll just have to learn to live with?

Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s anything you can do about this.

Could the people that run this forum create a separate sub-section in the b/s/t section specifically for “looking for” threads? Then people could just post links to their LF thread on their b/s/t thread. And when someone is doing a search they can un-check the LF section and only get results of people selling what they are searching for. I would rather see that nobody has what I want than to be given false hope by my keyword being under someone’s “want list”. I can’t be the only one thinking about this, right? Is there anybody else out there?

That would be nice. I seem to be LF’ing what everyone else is LF’ing as well. I get tired of trying to use the search to find something only to constantly get results based on a LF or “wanted” section.

I also try to limit the search results that I check out to be less than 30 days old. In fact, the more current the latest activity, the more likely I am to check things out.

However, my “Studio42’s YoYo Orphanarium” BST is basically me looking to make it easier to get people to contact me to sell me yoyos I am looking for, but often with an open-ended nature to it, allowing some people to make offers on yoyos they are looking to sell for cash. Right now, my primary objective is to use this to get the yoyos I am looking for. Once I get what I am looking for, I’ll use it as a method to help the community by making a certain number of dollars available a month to buy yoyos, which I will most likely resell, hopefully at a break-even price, that is assuming I don’t choose to keep it for myself. I’m looking to “sell” the orphanarium angle by creating YoYo Adoption papers and other novelty type items to make the whole buying and selling of yoyos to be a bit more, well, personal.

My concept is that someone who needs cash can do a quite sale with little to no hassle. They get cash, I get a yoyo. Budget is allocated so I don’t have any money issues. What I do with it after that is up to me. Keep it or rehome it.

But, back to the original topic:
I think a LF/wanted area should be a daughter/child board of the BST.

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Speaking for myself - My own opinion is that it wouldn’t work as planned. It’s quite obvious that a lot of people don’t post in the appropriate sections to begin with.

I think you’re right. Plus, it’s going to have to get even further split up.

We’d have to have a “for sale”, which is people looking to SELL, but maybe trade.
Then we need a “trade” area, for people looking to trade.
Then we need a “wanted/LF” area for people trying to locate items to buy or trade to get.

Then, to top it off, the search would most likely just hit the whole section including child boards.

People posting better would help, but still, people are going to need to go through the results on their own to find if they are finding what they are looking for. I don’t mind the effort, it’s how I got many items from BST.